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Gifted and Talented Education

The Santa Clarita Elementary GATE program supports a quality educational program for all gifted and talented students in order to develop knowledge, skills, abilities, and values that will empower them to reach their full potential. The Staff recognizes that the gifted and talented population warrants a qualitatively differentiated program, within the regular classroom setting, to meet their special needs. Ongoing staff development, professional reading, and attendance at university and conference programs continues to provide expert knowledge to ensure that best practices for gifted students are used.

Goals for Students
  • To participate in differentiated instruction within the regular classroom day, as part of cluster grouping by grade level or ability-grouping across grade levels
  • To exceed the California content standards through advanced and more complex, differentiated study that will contribute to a realistic, healthy self-concept
  • To participate in a standards-based, state-adopted curriculum for all students in which gifted students will be challenged to exceed these standards across the curriculum using the dimensions of depth and complexity, and, when appropriate, acceleration, to meet their needs
  • To meet individualized cognitive and affective needs in content, process and enrichment within a differentiated curriculum which addresses individual needs, interests, and abilities
  • To utilize content standards-based, state-adopted challenge materials/resources when appropriate to enrich and accelerate learning and to make connections across the curriculum, in place of, not in addition to, standard materials
  • To work independently and apply academic rigor to their work
  • To develop self-generating, problem-solving abilities and to develop sensitivity and responsibility towards others
  • To develop and enhance leadership skills and qualities though educational experiences
  • To demonstrate understanding of core curriculum through integration of talents in the Visual and Performing Arts
  • To participate in GATE Clusters or Ability Groupings with teachers who have advanced training in gifted education