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Health Office

We greatly value the information you provide to us about your child's health conditions and history as it helps us to better care for our students. If your child has a medical condition, please notify Mrs. Wright, the School nurse, so she can make any necessary accommodations. 

Please find several helpful forms below:
  • Allergy Emergency Action Plan - this is to be completed if your child has allergic reactions which require medication such as Benadryl or an EpiPen.
  • Asthma Emergency Action Plan this is to completed for any child needing an inhaler or nebulizer.
  • Agreement to Assist Student with Medication- this is to be completed if your child needs any other type of medication or over-the-counter preparation provided while at school.
  • Asthma and Allergy Information - we ask that you complete this if your child has asthma or significant allergies,  to assist us in understanding your child's condition.
  • Wellness Plan - Click here for the Saugus Union school Districts Wellness Plan and regulations.
  • Readmission to School- please have your child's health care provider complete this form when they have been seen for an injury or illness.
  • Mutual Exchange of Information - please complete this if your child has any food-related allergies so we may share that information with our food service workers. This will help us to better protect your child from exposure to these allergens.
Illness: We ask that if your child is suffering from a fever (a temperature of 100°F or greater), diarrhea, vomiting, severe cough, rash, or other serious illness, please keep him/her home until recovered; fevers should be absent for at least 24 hours without fever-reducing medication before returning to school. For extended illness, please have your child's healthcare provider complete a Readmission to School form prior to their return.

Immunizations: Please be aware that the State of California has recently changed requirements for student immunizations. Typically, all students entering Kindergarten (including Transitional Kindergarten) must have 5 DTP/DTaP shots, 4 Polio, 3 Hepatitis B, 2 MMR, and 2 Varicella vaccination(s) before being allowed to attend school (see Shots for Schools here). Exceptions are as follows:
  • Medically-exempted students need to have a written physician statement. Please speak with the health office for detailed information.
Parents of 5th or 6th graders should speak with their child's health care provider about getting a Tdap booster, since this is required for entry to junior high school. Find more information here.

Medication: Please DO NOT send any medication (including inhalers, EpiPens, Ibuprofen, cough drops, itch cream, etc) to school with your child. For single or short-term medications, please come to the health office so we may call your student up for you to give him/her the medication. If he/she needs medication to be provided regularly during the school day, please have our district's agreement completed by his/her health care provider, then return it to the school health office with a supply of the medication in the original pharmacy-labeled container. 
Injuries outside of school: If your child was injured and saw their healthcare provider, you wish to send them to school with any supportive devices, or they need any activity modifications, please have their healthcare provider complete our Readmission to School form. Students cannot wear ACE wraps or braces/splints, use crutches, or have a cast in school without a doctor or nurse practitioner's release.
Foods: To encourage lifelong wellness practices, as well as protect students and staff from health risk due to allergies,d food-based birthday treats cannot be permitted. Non-food celebrations are encouraged. Additionally, sweet foods are not to be used as a reward. Non-food treats might include: pencils, books, erasers, stickers, or special activities. Please see our Parent & Student Handbook by going to and click on the handbook link for more information.
Wellness Plan: The Saugus Union School District approved a wellness plan on 5/1/18. Click to view the 2018-2021 Wellness Plan.
Local Health, Well-being, and Community Resources: