Choose Santa Clarita

Once a Bulldog, Always a Bulldog! Our little school on the corner enjoys a huge advantage—our small size means we really get to know every single kid during their time at Santa Clarita Elementary. Whether on the playground, in the library, at lunch, or in the office, Santa Clarita students know we see them and know they are important. 

Showcasing Student Skills and Talents

As an educational team, we all work to help our students become their best selves. We provide many opportunities for students to develop skills and talents and take great pride in showcasing their work. Students demonstrate their academic skills in activities such as Math Field Day; they enjoy the fine arts by taking an active part in or simply enjoying talent shows and art showcases; develop leadership skills through programs such as student leadership; Bulldog Broadcast; and engage in service activities through our ELF, and classroom helper programs.

Student Helpers

The student helper programs at Santa Clarita serve our student body well. Older students who may not feel confident at their grade level become patient, kind, and helpful superheroes to their younger peers. And younger students get a boost of self-confidence when they get to hang out with a big kid.

Study Buddies is one of the favorite programs at Santa Clarita where our older students help and set a great example for younger students. Our ELFs (Enthusiastic Library Friends) also help young students in the library as they select books, or they may read to them.

Traditions and Service

Santa Clarita students enjoy fun traditions such as the sixth-grade rocket launch and our annual dance festival. We also appreciate more thoughtful traditions, like the monthly Friday flag ceremonies we’ve held since 9/11/2001, or service-oriented activities such as collecting food for the local food pantry.

The Power of “Yet”

Every student at Santa Clarita comes to school with a “clean slate” every day, every week, every year, because we know that they are works in progress; they aren't finished learning, changing, and growing "yet." We encourage our students to try the difficult task or tackle the frustrating concept again and again (reading difficult words, solving math problems, following directions or a procedure, playing by the rules) with support from teachers, campus supervisors, office staff, librarians, and volunteers so that students can own their successes and build on them.

A Park-Like Setting

As the oldest school in the Saugus district, we enjoy a park-like setting. Our beautiful grounds are a special aspect that sets us apart from other schools in the valley. In the welcoming center circle, students love to run through the grassy fields and discover signs of nature on campus—leaves, cones, seed pods, and nests. Every year since 2012, our after school environmental club of 30 to 40 student members works to help us maintain the school gardens. The nature guides in the library are always checked out because students love looking up facts about birds, insects, reptiles, and even mammals—the squirrels and rabbits are favorites for observation!

Our PTC—Parent Teacher Committee

Our PTC is small, mighty, and motivated! It has been the force behind funding some of the most important aspects of the extracurricular opportunities at Santa Clarita such as the following:

  • Three different class sets of materials for the robotics lab

Thanks to our amazing PTC, these extra programs at Santa Clarita reach and benefit every student from 2nd through 6th grade.